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Mirum cosmetics company is proud to be the new generation of high-end Korean cosmetics. Mirum is produced directly by Coreana factory - Korea's leading cosmetic factory, the birth of Mirum is considered a trendy cosmetic line, the perfect symbol for Korean natural cosmetics. make a big splash in the current skin care cosmetics industry.

History of natural cosmetics brand Mirum

History of natural cosmetics brand Mirum:

  • Born from Coreana Korea factory - Korea's leading famous natural cosmetics factory, Mirum has become the symbol of the natural cosmetic brand line of Korean cosmetic company Sooin Cosmetics.

  • Before officially creating its own new generation of cosmetic lines such as Mirum, Sooin Cosmetics company has owned a lot of experience and achieved remarkable achievements in the beauty industry. 

  • Mirum - The new generation product line crystallizes the perfection of all previous famous cosmetic brands plus new and outstanding innovation steps, the official Mirum was born in 2014 creating a great buzz because of the safety, quality, and perfect effectiveness in each product.

    Mirum cosmetics has entered and developed strongly in the markets of countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, USA... and now Mirum is present globally.

The strength of the cosmetic brand Mirum

The strength of the cosmetic brand Mirum

  • Mirum is the symbol of a high-end natural cosmetics line of Korea, specializing in the research, production and supply of product lines that care, nourish, protect skin health and make up overall. Up to now, Mirum has grown strong and created a global brand reputation thanks to its characteristics of safety, quality, and effectiveness.

  • Mirum cosmetics are rich and diverse by the lines of skin care and makeup products from basic to advanced, covering the entire skin care and beauty process; Mirum's product lines combine to support each other in a self-contained skin care routine to help achieve optimal results, giving the skin perfect beauty.

  • One of the most outstanding features of Mirum is the ingredients extracted from precious natural herbs in perfect proportions. The company owns exclusive technology and formula, safe, benign, unique and precious medicinal herbs such as: wild red ginseng cultured for 110 years, horse essential oil extract raised by a special ultra-clean regime on the island. Jeju…

    Mirum's product lines are the perfect crystallization of traditional Korean medical science and technology and modern beauty and skin care trends. From there, it brings high efficiency, absolute safety, no irritation, long-lasting beauty solution for the skin.




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