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Mirum is the best response to the pure call of nature. The birth of the high-class cosmetics company Mirum is associated with the purity of herbs, the quintessence of precious medicinal herbs of the land of Kim Chi, and the outstanding improvement thanks to the world's most modern technology; All combine perfectly to create a line of skin care products from the ground up.

Let's learn about our brand history and story with Mirum.

Miracles do wonders for the skin.

  • As a leading company specializing in research and production of high-end cosmetics, born in Korea, famous for its beauty industry in the world, Sooin Cosmetics is always well aware of its mission. Above all, it is the desire to create miracles that bring miracles to the skin – The most perfect products bring beauty to the skin from the root with the most quintessential distillation of nature to ensure beauty. Perfect and safe.

  • With all the efforts and enthusiasm of Sooin Cosmetics Company, Mirum was born as the company's name "Mirum - Miracle". Mirum as a miracle for the skin is also the result of the Company's research efforts and all the experience of Coreana factory - Korea's leading factory to launch a line of skin care products. skin gives the most perfect beauty.


Mirum was officially launched, creating a great buzz around the world.
  • Mirum is a cosmetic brand under Sooin Cosmetics, the company's head office is located at 12F-13F, Gwangmyeong building, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea. All Sooin Cosmetics products are manufactured in Korea's leading Coreana factory, with ISO 9001, ISO 22716 (CGMP) quality assurance.

    Before devoting all its enthusiasm and experience to researching and creating the new generation Mirum product line, Sooin Cosmetics company distributed many different cosmetic lines.

  • In 2014, following previous successes, the company continued to resonate with the officially launched new brand Mirum. Mirum is oriented to specialize in cosmetic globalization, with a wide range of OEM/ODM cosmetics for skin health care and safe makeup.

    "Mirum" means "miracle". With this name, the brand confidently asserts its ability to do wonders for the skin. It is the power to restore, revive, transmit intense vitality to each cell, so that they actively regenerate and constantly rejuvenate, preserving youthful features on the face.

    As soon as it was announced, the company has captivated all beauty believers with its aesthetic philosophy: "Beauty Solution: studying an evolving beauty - In-depth research on effective beauty solutions to continuously improve beauty".

  • Taking advantage of the enthusiastic support from customers, the Mirum brand has continuously grown. The most obvious proof is that a series of new stores have been opened, blowing a new wave of natural cosmetics in Korea as well as around the world.


  • Mirum appeared on a beauty program of Jiangsu TV station, China, opened her way to the mainland market and received countless compliments.


  • The airline officially set foot in Vietnam, distributed exclusively by Long Gia Cat International Co., Ltd. Up to now, Mirum has been in the TOP of genuine high-end Korean cosmetics trusted by millions of Vietnamese women. Mirum has been present in 64 provinces and cities with hundreds of authorized dealers nationwide.

  • Its products focus strongly on moisturizing, rejuvenation, whitening, melasma removal, and makeup cosmetics that integrate sunscreen, anti-oxidant, and skin-replenishing functions. With modern technological innovations, Mirum has won many prestigious awards proving its safety and effectiveness.

From 2014 to present:

  • Mirum has continuously achieved many achievements in the field of cosmetology, developing all over the world.

    With all their valuable experience and enthusiasm to bring to their true beauty, Mirum experts have continuously innovated new formulas and ingredients. Mirum cosmetics contain many exclusive ingredients, meticulously extracted, most notably wild ginseng cultured for 110 years, with many biological activities in perfect concentration to bring superior value.

    Up to now, the Mirum brand has become the image for a high-end Korean cosmetic line from nature that is trusted by dermatologists, makeup artists, celebrities, as well as all beauty believers around the world. all over the world.












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