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In addition to the advantage that the new generation product line converges all the quintessence from the previous products with great improvements researched and produced by the leading Korean factory and corporation, what is the secret that makes the brand famous? Mirum cosmetic brand created a craze and is popular all over the world today?

The answer, the real secret of Mirum lies in the combination of natural extracts, traditional medicinal sources with top-notch scientific technology and invented with all the enthusiasm and love for beauty of the team. Korea's leading expert.


Korean standard beauty formula with maximum purity

  • Oriental beauty style, especially Korean, always focuses on improving natural beauty: Smooth, transparent, gentle like morning dew. Understanding this mind, Mirum always pays great attention to the core knowledge from natural extracts, enriching the formula with user experience, thereby gradually perfecting the complex skin care process.

  • The ingredients often present in Mirum's skin care and makeup cosmetics are:

    - 110 Years of Cultured Wild Ginseng: A prominent ingredient when it comes to Korean cosmetics. In the wild land of the land of Kim Chi, people also find ginseng containing 4-5 times more nutrients than ordinary ginseng, with special abilities to help prevent all signs of aging. With a perfect culture life of 110 years, products containing these extracts will help users "rejuvenate" and regain their youthful beauty. This ingredient is also considered a unique ingredient of Mirum luxury cosmetics compared to other cosmetic lines. 

    - In addition, there are: Bentonite clay mineral, Moringa seed oil extract, Macadamia, Centella asiatica, Green tea, Chi tu, Hoang Cam, Licorice, Rosemary, Chamomile, vitamin C extract from Australian plum, Multivitamins from Sea Buckthorn and Yeast...

    - Skin-friendly active ingredients: Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, Adenoside, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerine, Betaine,...

    Precious medicinal ingredients and precious active ingredients have constantly brought about positive changes, bringing beauty.

    At the same time, Mirum also conveys the essence of Asian standard beauty art: Sustainable beauty is embellished from the motherland of pure nature. This ensures safety, health and efficiency.


Focus on investing in developing proprietary technology

  • Mirum brand is a "strategic card" of cosmetic company Sooin Cosmetics. Since its official launch in 2014, Mirum has contributed significantly to the company's strong growth.

  • Each of its products is applied with many specialized and exclusive technologies, creating unique imprints that cannot be found in any other brand. For example: Air compression technology (oil-based powder), HD technology (Makeup foundation, ultra-fine cushion),... 
  • Over the past 9 years, Mirum brand has quickly gained prestigious achievements and awards worldwide thanks to exclusive technology in the cosmetic industry.


Techniques such as herbal extracts are considered to characterize the development and creation of Asian cosmetics. Mirum is popular when it comes to putting in its products the souls of Korean nature. But not standing still, the company continuously improves and researches many new optimal technologies.


Mirum continuously sets difficult goals and overcomes all sorts of unbelievable challenges in terms of skin research, hormones, hormones, cells, dermis structure, etc. Thanks to that, it has created a cosmetic set that is both nourishing and nourishing. skin, just finished makeup. The most prominent are the anti-aging lines from cultured red ginseng; essence duo - whitening cream, fade pigmentation, freckles; Skin care Ampoule lines,...


The texture of the product will greatly affect the effectiveness. Mirum always brings cosmetics with thin and light texture, ultra-small molecular size thanks to the application of micromolecular hydrolysis and emulsification technology to help the skin absorb nutrients quickly, penetrating deep into the cells under the skin.






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