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With good product quality, attentive customer care service, Long Gia Cat has now become one of the leading prestigious cosmetic distributors in Vietnam, with a system of hundreds of agents nationwide and thousands of small and large merchants. To meet the business needs of many agents and bring the best quality cosmetics to everyone, Long Gia Cat always wants to create favorable conditions for customers, companies, stores, and collaborators. .. join and our agent system. Joining Long Gia Cat's system, agents will be able to participate in a professional working environment, have a stable income, meet to share experiences and opportunities for business cooperation...

- Enjoy preferential prices, attractive discounts from distributors.

- Enjoy attractive bonuses when reaching sales.

- Trained, supported product knowledge, skin care knowledge, sales and marketing skills to promote profits.

- Participating in periodic exchange programs with other partners and customers.

- There is also other support and coordination depending on the specific time and situation to achieve the target of market development.


- Target audience: All organizations or individuals living in Vietnam with needs and economic potential to trade Korean cosmetics.

- Obligations of the agent: To buy and resell Long Gia Cat's cosmetics in accordance with the regulations and listed prices of the company. Any form of dumping is strictly prohibited. Agency capacity assessment process.

- Review capacity profiles.

- Conduct field surveys.

- Negotiate to come to a contract.

- Provide products, signs and advertising materials.


- Provide a full range of cosmetic products distributed by Long Gia Cat. Committed to 100% genuine cosmetics, imported directly from Korea.

- Provide full legal documents related to cosmetics.

- Building sustainable business relationships, mutually beneficial sustainably.

- Actively share all information about products, market fluctuations and promptly support all agents fairly. Grasping modern business trends, Long Gia Cat builds and develops a system of cosmetic agents in the most extensive and professional way.


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